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Veggie Crock Pot Soup

July 15, 2009

Wanted to share my latest crock pot soup. I went to the farmers market this past Saturday and picked up many things. Last night, I used some of them in my latest crock pot creation.

1 eggplant-diced
1 yellow squash-sliced thin
1 half bag of baby carrots-from the freezer
1/4 cup lentils
1/4 cup brown rice
6-7 small ripe tomatoes, cored, seeded and diced
many cherry tomatoes, very ripe, whole
2 cups black beans
2 leftover packets of salsa from taco kits

The eggplant, squash, and tomatoes, were all fresh, and all local. I put everything in the crock pot, added just enough water to keep it all moist and cooked it all night. I put it on around 7pm and cooked it until 5:30 this morning. Everything is fully cooked, and wonderfully flavored.   I am having this for lunch today, and for several days to come. I am thrilled with how delicious it tasted as I scooped it into storage containers this morning. I love my crock pot, and I love how much easier it makes my life.

This dish was a great mix of using fresh ingredients, plus what I had hanging out in the freezer and fridge. I like coming up with interesting combinations and having something delicious be the result. What’s your favorite crock pot meal?