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Veggie Crock Pot Soup

July 15, 2009

Wanted to share my latest crock pot soup. I went to the farmers market this past Saturday and picked up many things. Last night, I used some of them in my latest crock pot creation.

1 eggplant-diced
1 yellow squash-sliced thin
1 half bag of baby carrots-from the freezer
1/4 cup lentils
1/4 cup brown rice
6-7 small ripe tomatoes, cored, seeded and diced
many cherry tomatoes, very ripe, whole
2 cups black beans
2 leftover packets of salsa from taco kits

The eggplant, squash, and tomatoes, were all fresh, and all local. I put everything in the crock pot, added just enough water to keep it all moist and cooked it all night. I put it on around 7pm and cooked it until 5:30 this morning. Everything is fully cooked, and wonderfully flavored.   I am having this for lunch today, and for several days to come. I am thrilled with how delicious it tasted as I scooped it into storage containers this morning. I love my crock pot, and I love how much easier it makes my life.

This dish was a great mix of using fresh ingredients, plus what I had hanging out in the freezer and fridge. I like coming up with interesting combinations and having something delicious be the result. What’s your favorite crock pot meal?


Recipe, Not So Good

September 4, 2008

Last night I made an old standby, shells and cheese with ground turkey.  I have made this many times and basically you just add browned ground turkey (or beef) to cooked shells and cheese.  Well, I decided to improve the veggie content by adding in shredded carrots.  Ugh.

This was not the happy flavor combo I was hoping for.  I seasoned the dish before I mixed the meat with the shells and cheese.  It was not enough.  Th whole thing tasted bland and I had to sprinkle on lemon pepper to give it flavor.

Next time, I will add black beans, or English peas.  I usually cook some onion with the meat, but I didn’t this time.  The house was completely onion free.  I will be sure I have onion on hand next time as well.

The thing with cooking is it is always an experiment, and each dish is a chance to improve on the last.  Unfortunately, this time was not an improvement.  What’s your best meal?  What’s your most memorable failure?


Chicken Crock Pot Stew

August 5, 2008

Burbon Mom has a great tip for this month. “Use your crock pot instead of he ‘big oven’ to make dinner. You’ll save about 16kWh per meal!” In addition to the energy savings, using a crock pot is a way to stretch your food dollars. Inspired by this quote, I wanted to share the latest yummy crock pot meal I made.

Chicken Crock pot Stew

2 to 2 1/2 cups of chicken broth (that I had in the freezer, made the last time I boiled a whole chicken)

1 cup water

1 can of black beans, with liquid

1 can of cream style corn

1/4 cup lentils

3/4 cup brown rice

2 boneless skinless chicken breasts

Fresh dill cut right off the plant (it does not get fresher than that)

1 T Lemon and pepper seasoning

2 peeled and diced tomatoes, from grandmother’s garden.

Put the crock pot on low and let it cook all night. When you are putting everything in the crock pot, it is not necessary to thaw your frozen ingredients.

The next morning, I had a bubbling soup of beauty. I forked out the chicken breasts, shredded them and then stirred them back in. When I make this next time, I will substitute some other spice for the dill. I like it with the dill, but I like trying new things. This will feed one person, six times.



July 23, 2008

Yesterday I picked blueberries for me. 🙂 I had picked twice this summer so far, but everyone of those had been for my good friend. Yesterday, I realized the season of blueberry picking would not last much longer and if I wanted some for me, I needed to hurry up.

Ice cream bucket in hand, I drove to my dads and walked out to the bushes. My sweet dog went with me which was adorable, except for the part where he wanted to sit on my feet. Have you tried picking, well anything, with a 40 pound dog on your feet? It’s challenging.

I managed to get seven and a half pints picked before it got to dark to see. I froze the berries, because I will probably be using almost all of them in smoothies or pancakes. I’m not really keen on making jelly although I know how yummy it is. Jelly making is just not a passion of mine.

So, what else can I do with these berries? Turns out a lot. Here are two sites full of ideas. Blueberry Recipes and more Blueberry Recipes.

I found this on the second site, Blueberry Recipes and it looks fantastic. Here’s the recipe.

Blueberry Banana Blast

a thick and rich breakfast smoothie

150g / 5 oz blackberries
150g / 5 oz blueberries
1 banana, peeled and cut into chunks
225 ml / 8 fl oz apple juice
ice cubes to serve
Extra blueberries and blackberries to garnish

Place the fruits and juice into blender and blend until smooth.
Pour into a glass over ice and garnish with blueberries and blackberries.

What I like best about this one is the inclusion of apple juice instead of soy milk, regular milk or yogurt. Up to now, I have made all my smoothies with milk and/or yogurt. It never occurred to me to try apple juice. I cannot WAIT to try this when I get home.

What is your favorite way to eat blueberries?