Using Your Own Containers

April 2, 2009

Part of my efforts to reduce my carbon footprint has been getting rid of single use items, and bringing my own containers. For example,  I bring my lunch most days in my insulated lunch sack, with my own fork or spoon from home, my cloth napkin and my reusable storage container for my soup or stew or casserole.

Sometimes it feels like I am the only one making these efforts, but today I saw two strangers who brought their own.

At a red light, I noticed the driver in the car behind me was eating cereal. The spoon was metal, and while I could not see the bowl, I feel pretty save in assuming it came from his home, he didn’t buy a disposable bowl just for that one hurried meal.

At the next red light, the driver in front of me finished off his coffee or sweet tea, (it was a dark beverage) and poured the dregs out his window. He had been drinking out of a mason jar. He not only brought a vessel from home, he re-purposed a storage jar into a glass. I almost honked in happiness but decided to just smile instead.

Seeing two strangers doing their part to help minimize waste put a great start on my day. People are really getting the message.


  1. Frankly, I’m very disturbed at the concept of someone eating cereal while driving… Yikes!

  2. I did wonder about the safety of his choice to eat cereal and drive, but I’ve seen crazier things.

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