Walking Trail

March 31, 2009

One of the best things you can do for good health is take a walk.  Last weekend, I decided to improve my health, bond with my dog, and admire nature all in one step.

In my area, there are many scenic walking trails within 5-30 minutes of my house. Heck, walking around my block can be scenic, but then I am walking on the road and it is hard to take pictures and watch for traffic. No sidewalks out where I live. So, I drove a short distance to take advantage of a small local lake and the lovely hiking trail they have around it. Bo and I saw all kinds of wildlife.  When he jumped off the boardwalk to look closer, he became part of the wildlife; muddy, muddy wildlife.

Bo looking at birds


Choctaw Lake

Choctaw Lake

Spider web

Spider web

One thing that happens this time of year is all those pine trees start giving off pollen. No one washes their cars this time of year because when you dry the car, it is yellow again in minutes. In my town, pollen blows across the streets in yellow clouds. When Bo and I took this walk, he left yellow footprints on the car doorsill. My socks and shoes were covered. That’s one reason I could get such a good shot of the spiderweb, the mist from the spillway and the pollen made it show up beautifully.

Luckily enough, I’m not allergic to pine pollen. My allergies will start soon, when some of the flowering hardwood trees start releasing their pollen. Despite the sneezing, I love spring.

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