Shoe Repair and Refurbish

March 9, 2009

This past Saturday, I took two pair of leather flats in to my local boot and shoe store to have them cleaned and conditioned. These shoes are well over a year old and I could have just bought two new pairs. However, they are comfortable, one is a black pair and one is a brown, so they go with 100% of my office outfits. It only cost me 12.84 to get the shoes cleaned, and I could not have bought one new pair for that.

I am sorry I didn’t take a before picture, but here is the after.

Clean and Polished

Clean and Polished

They look so much better than they did. The brown pair looks very broken in in the picture, but trust me, when I have them on they look very nice.  The best feature of each of these pair of shoes is that they already conform to my feet. They do not rub blisters, they do not pinch and they do not make me cry.  I know what to expect with these shoes and that to me, makes them worth keeping for as long as possible.

Next, I am taking in my tall black boots to get the same great treatment. Here is the before of them.

Tall Boots

Tall Boots

They look pretty good right now, but they can be shinier and the heels need all the scuffs and scratches buffed out. They will be stunning when I get them back.

Do you get your shoes cleaned or do you just buy a new pair?

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