Green Jobs in Ohio

March 4, 2009

Yesterday I heard on NPR a report about Mark Rembert, and Taylor Stuckert, of Energize Clinton County. They want to turn their hometown into the country’s first green enterprise zone.  When DHL pulled out of town, some 10,000 jobs were lost. That is a huge blow even in a good economy.  Instead of giving up, these two young men have a bold new plan, a vision of how to take their town in a new direction. I am going to be following the progress to see how it works out for them. I think if they are successful, what they accomplish is a plan that can be implemented around the country. Here’s some of their vision:

We propose that Wilmington be designated as the country’s first Green Enterprise Zone to serve as a model and incubator for businesses, technologies, and ideas–the mid-Western Silicon Valley of the Green economy. We believe that Wilmington can serve as the launching point needed for initiating Green economic re-development efforts across the state of Ohio.

They want to create jobs by weatherizing homes but that is just the first step in their broad plan. I think they have a grand vision and I am interested to see where it takes them. What do you think?


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