Two sites to share

March 3, 2009

I learned of both of these from last years Southern Living magazine. The library in the town where I work gives away it’s old magazines, so I was happy to pick up the March 2008 copy.

Thomas Jefferson is known for many great and wonderful things. One of the lesser well known is that he was a dedicated gardener. He loved plants and he loved to experiment with new plants. He kept extensive records of everything he planted and how those plants perfomred in his climate. Today, Monticello (Jefferson’s home) offers plants and seeds so you can grow your own. They have their seeds and plants marked, so if you want to grow a plant that Jefferson grew, you will know which ones to get.  www.monticello.com

The second is all about flower bulbs. Chris Wiesinger finds heirloom bulbs, digs them, propagates them and sells them through his company, The Southern Bulb Company. I like his site because these bulbs are for my area, and are shown to be hardy plants.  Since I have started to make an effort to grow plants, I have been focused on food. However, I think flowers are food for the eyes (and for all those who can smell) food for the nose as well.  Look at www.southernbulbs.com to see all the beautiful options.

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