Canning Tomatoes

February 5, 2009

I have grand plans for tomatoes this year. Last year was my first real attempt at growing my own food. This year,while I am going to use my raised beds for herbs and other vegetables, I am going to plant lots and lots of tomatoes. Instead of flower beds, I am going to have tomato beds. I also plan to plant cherry and grape tomatoes in containers on my front porch.

What kind am I going to grow? All kinds. So far, my list includes beefsteak, roma, grape, and cherry tomatoes. Any recommendations? I am going to start from seedlings, not seed. I know there are different kinds of beefsteak and all the rest, I have not decided in that much detail yet.  When I do, I will certainly blog about it. 😉

Why so many? Because this year, I am also going to can my own tomatoes. I don’t really care for canned tomato juice, but thanks to this link, canning tomatoes, and my mom’s canning equipment, I should be all set to preserve every good tomato I grow.

There have been odes to home grown tomatoes, essays, articles and songs. If you haven’t heard a song about homegrown tomatoes, here ya go: Homegrown Tomatoes

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