Progress and New Goals

January 23, 2009

I started this blog last year, in the spring. I was inspired by all the other green blogs I was reading, and I wanted to record the changes I was making to be green in my life. Here’s what I have accomplished so far.

Cloth instead of paper-I gave up all paper napkins and most paper towels. I still have some paper towels for truly horrible messes created by the dog on the carpet. For everything else, it’s cloth all the way.

Let the yellow mellow-I think that one speaks for itself.

Grow my own food-I had mixed success with this last year, but I have lovely plans to try again, and do better this year.

Endure the heat/cold-I used fans and open windows for the bulk of my house cooling this summer, and this winter my heat is set on 60 when I am away from home and at night, and 65 when I am home and awake.

Weather stripping-This has made a huge difference in how often my heat has come on this winter. I can tell I plugged all the leaks around my front and back door and I don’t feel the cold air pouring into the house. I also bought those plugs for all the outlets, and now cold air does not pour in them either.

CFL lightbulbs-almost all my bulbs are these now. My bathroom lights over my mirror are still the old kind, but when they burn out, they are getting replaced.

Hot water heater off-When I leave the house, I turn it off. This is especially great when I travel, sometimes the hot water heater is off for a week at a time.

Line drying-I installed a clothes line this summer. When it’s too cold or too wet to dry clothes outside, I still have my wooden rack for in the house.

Bath towels-I used to use my same bath towel twice and then wash it, but after reading what some of the other ladies do, I know make a towel last a week. I shower in the morning and then hang my towel on a rack. The towel air dries during the day, and by the next morning, it is ready to be used again.

No conditioner-I have read about the no ‘poo experiments going on. I still have a lot of shampoo in the shower and under the sink. So, I tried just giving up conditioner and so far, that is working great. I have less build up, and I can still comb my damp hair.  When I finally run out of shampoo, I may try the no ‘poo, but I’m not there yet.

DivaCup-I am a total convert to the DivaCup. Love it.  I also use cloth pads as back up and for the lightest days.

Car Pooling-This summer, all those months when gas was so high, I split the ride to work with a friend. The out-of-town aspect of my job cranked back up in September, so I had to go back to solo driving, but for a while, I cut my gas consumption by half.

Grow more of my own food-I just blogged about this. I have my list started and I will be building raised beds and tilling soil just as soon as the ground is warm enough to do so.

Plant trees-I need some shade trees so I can further cut down on my AC use.

Natural cleaning products-I still use mass market products to wash my dishes, my clothes, and clean the tub and sinks. I hope to move to better products when what I have runs out.

Natural makeup and hair care products-as what I have runs out, I want to replace them with no toxic options.

What are your 2009 green goals?

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  1. Like everyone reading this blog, I am starting to evaluate my eco-footprint very closely. I’m trying to make significant changes in every aspect of my life- even with my feminine hygiene choices. When I did some research, I learned of the billions of tampons and pads thrown into landfills each year…. and I contributed to some of that! Horrifying! I am no using a reusable alternative called The Diva Cup (www.divacup.com). It did take a little time to get used to, but now I can honestly say I am NEVER going back to my old products (or old ways!). It’s a seemingly small contribution to the planet, but if every woman eventually stopped using “traditional” products, think of the enormous change we could make TOGETHER! I hope the Diva Cup becomes the choice for all women!

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