Thrift stores and Threadbangers

November 7, 2008

Yesterday, I went to a local thrift store that had recently moved into a new location. I had no real goal in mind, other than perhaps some nice lightweight sweaters.  I found several, but they were all too short.  I hate the recent style of all women’s tops being shorter.  I like a top to be long enough to be tucked in or to come down far enough to keep my lower back warm.  Anyway, I struck out with the sweaters.

I did find a nice button down dark green top that will be wonderful to layer over either a short or long sleeve shirt. I am all about the layers. This shirt had unnecessary pockets on the front though, so last night, I ripped them off using a seam ripper. Now I just have to wash the shirt and decide if I like it like that, or if I want to alter it further.

My super fantastic find was a suede coat. This coat had to have cost 150+ when it was new in a department store. It is beautifully made, had all the buttons, plus and extra, is lined, had a belt and fits me like a dream. There are no stains on this coat, all the seams are intact, it is lovely.  I am forever a thrift store convert because I got this coat for less than five dollars.

I was inspired to check out the thrift store from watching several episodes of Threadbangers.  This site has videos, forums, and all kinds of ideas and instructions on how to make clothes, alter clothes, and more.  It is a informative resources for anyone who wants to bring personal style to their wardrobe and their life. One reason I bought the shirt is when I say it, I thought, it would be great without the pockets.  In the past, I would have left it in the store.  But yesterday, I thought, “I can take those off myself and have a great top.”

My next goal is to fire up the sewing machine.  I saw an episode on how to tailor a shirt for a better fit and I have some shirts that almost fit, but I think they could be better.

What’s your favorite thrift store find?

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