A new beginning

November 5, 2008

I am so glad the election is over.  This is not a political blog, I posted no banners for either candidate and I am not going to start being political now.  I am just happy that the campaigning is done and we can all move on to other topics of interest. Things like:

Green Energy.  We need more of it.  I hope we see more wind, solar, and geothermal power sources become available.  But, I think that more than producing more energy, we need to be much more efficient in our usage of that energy. I would like to see EVERYONE work to make their homes use smaller amounts of energy and to utilize ways to reduce energy at work.

Green building.  I hope to see more and more green building in homes and business.  Green roofs, energy efficient windows, appliances, building design.  All of that will make the homes and businesses we build today better than the ones we currently live and work in.

Home and Community Gardens.  There is a movement going on to grow our own food.  I hope this becomes a wave, a new (old) way of life for all Americans.  Every bit of food you eat that comes from your backyard or your neighbors yard is a step in the right direction. Plus, growing your own food is fun.

These are just some of the changes I want to see in the days ahead.  They are not really changes, more, they are continuations of practices already put into place by forward thinking pioneers who are showing us a better way, and a better future.

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