November 4, 2008

This morning on NPR I heard a report about MyFarm.  MyFarm is based in California and they plant gardens in peoples back yard. Then, once a week a farmer comes by and takes care of the garden.  From their about page:

How it Works:

MyFarm is a decentralized urban farm. We grow vegetables in backyard gardens throughout the city. By increasing local food production we are creating a secure and sustainable food system. Using organic practices we strive to grow the best tasting most nutritious vegetables. We ask what vegetables you like and grow them just for you.

Have a backyard?

We install and maintain beautiful backyard vegetable gardens. An installation can be as small as two 8’x8′ beds or can completely transform your backyard into a food forest. Each week we maintain your garden and harvest the produce in its peak, leaving a basket of fresh veggies on your doorstep. As a member, you also sometimes will get to share in the abundance produced by other nearby backyard gardens, increasing the diversity in your basket.

I love this idea. Not only is available land being used in food production, but heirloom seeds and thus food diversity is being preserved. More people are learning the value of having food growing right outside their door. More people are learning how to grow food organically, and even if a family does not want to have the food grown in their yard, they can still participate by signing up for a box of food that comes from their neighborhood.

I think this is a model that can be replicated in every city in the US.  I would love to see something like this in my town.  I have a HUGE back yard that I would love to see turned into garden space. I work full time, often out of town which is why my gardening efforts have been small so far.  Seeing this example makes me want to expand my efforts, to have food ready to eat outside my back door.

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