Pared Down and Local Holiday Shopping

November 3, 2008

I gave you all green ideas for holiday gifts but I wanted to put forth another idea. In the past, I have done the marathon shopping, going to malls and going from store to store fighting the crowds. Yuck. Next, I tried online shopping, having my list written out and marking off every time I clicked buy now. That was much better since I avoided driving and the crowds. But, I still bought brand new items for way to many people and I went over budget.

What’s an even better solution? Homemade and second hand gifts. Now, I am not talking about re-gifting although that is an option. Family reads this blog, so I’m not going to reveal my homemade gifts just yet, but I will tell you about my second strategy. A local church had a bazaar this Saturday. Church bazaars often have many items donated from members, and the community. These are either high quality second hand, or brand new handmade items.

I liked this option for a variety of reasons. The items I bought are unique. There was minimal packaging. I drove very few miles. While I didn’t get all my shopping done, I marked a few more names off my list.

There were so many wonderful options. There was jam and jellies, cakes, cookies, brownies and pie. There were quilts, crocheted dishrags and dish towels. There were Christmas trees from very small to medium size. There were bamboo wind chimes, and child size wooden Adirondack chairs with a matching wooden table. There was homemade soap in a rainbow of colors.

I had a great time looking at all the items and I picked up the perfect item for three people on my list. Of all the different holiday shopping experiences I have had, this was by far one of the best.

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