100th Post!

October 31, 2008

So, this is my 100th post and I was trying to think what to write and I was starting to get way to nervous about it.  Instead of getting totally freaked out and worrying about messing up, I decided to share an assortment of links with you that I found interesting.

First, I love THREADBANGERS.  This is a online show that celebrates all things handmade and handsewn. I found an episode about how to make your own skin care products.  This combines the themes I’m exploring in my life, and with this blog, so check it out.

I like the idea of sewing but I have never had a lesson on how to sew and I don’t have a working sewing machine. Threadbangers makes me want to try.

There are a ton of blogs I like.  Recently, Green Phone Booth, Crunchy Chicken, Allie’s Answers, and LunaPads had some great posts.

I’m gonna have a full post about this later, but Jackson State University recently planted seventy trees on campus as part of Campus Tree Tour 2008.

Speaking of trees, I recently planted the seeds I got from Bottle Tree Plantations.  I put two seeds per jar of dirt. Yes, jar.  I am using quart mason jars instead of terracotta pots.  I had them on hand, and I can see at a glance whether the dirt is still moist or dry.  As soon as they sprout, I’ll be posting pictures.

I think that’s it.


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