Conservation Pays Off

October 29, 2008

I know I have mentioned before that I started turning off my hot water heater during the day, and during the week when I am gone for work.  This month, I got my electric bill and it dropped from 80 dollars to 59!  I am so freaking amazed! This is including the fact that this is the month the rates went up!  There was an insert with my bill explaining why the rates went up, who my power company gets their power from and how the money I pay is used.

Now, I think the hot water heater is the biggest payoff of the changes I have made to conserve energy, but there are others as well.  I have not had to run the AC during the cooler fall days. I completely sealed the leaks around my front and back doors.  When I am gone overnight or longer, I unplug everything except my fridge and freezer.

I still line dry my clothes and plan to continue this practice as far into the late fall and winter as I can.  I have a rack for inside drying and I may add a second, just so I can avoid using the dryer.  I have to say, I love the energy I am saving, but right this moment, I am thrilled with how low my bill is.

Have you seen such an impact from any of your green living changes?

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