Take Your Own Bag, A Dilemma

October 21, 2008

Groceries in my own shopping bag

Groceries in my own shopping bag

Sunday I went to Wal-mart and I took my own shopping bag. I only bought a few things, certainly not a cartful. The last time I took my own, I did self check out. This time I went through the line, and since Wal-Mart SELLS bags promoting bringing your own instead of using plastic, I figured it would be fine.

When I got to the cashier, I told her I had my own shopping bag, and I told her before she starting ringing me up so she would not have to unbag anything. After all my items were bagged, she said, “Are our bags not good enough for you?” Right at that moment, I was in a good mood and I knew I threw her off her routine. I smiled and said there is too much plastic pollution and I am trying to cut down on my plastic consumption. She looked at the sunglasses perched on my head and said “Sunglasses are made of plastic too.” Still smiling, I said, “that’s certainly true.” I gathered my one bag and left.

When I got to the car, I started to get really, really pissed. I know not everyone makes the steps I do and I know I live in a hick town and I probably blew her mind having my own shopping bag. HOWEVER, I have worked retail for years. I have been a waitress, a cook, a salesperson at several places, and a title clerk in a car dealership where part of my job was to great customers. In all those jobs, I NEVER talked to a customer like that cashier talked to me today. I know customers get on your nerves and I KNOW the things you think. But I also KNOW you are not supposed to say them. I was nice as could be. I could have thrown a fit right there in the store from just her first comment. I could have raised hell, and got a manager involved, and demanded an apology and I have seen customers do it for much, much less.

So, should I let it go to a girl having a bad day and forgetting whatever hold she used to have on her tongue? Or, should I email Wal-Mart and let them know about my experience? I have my receipt which shows a wealth of identifying information. If this happened to you, what would you do? Also, I want to know if you have had any negative experiences while trying to live ‘green’. How did you handle them?

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  1. Ok, I think if Wal-Mart is selling reusable shopping bags there, they are obviously trying to promote “green” shopping. This employee 1) was rude to a customer for absolutely no legitimate reason and 2) undermined the entire Wal-Mart corporation’s efforts by chastising your conscientiousness as a green shopper! Ugh, you have every right to be furious! I think you should definitely inform a manager. And keep bringing in those reusable shopping bags! Because Louisville is definitely a place where people don’t want to be seen doing something unusual or different, and maybe all those Louisville-ans need is to see other shoppers doing the right thing to get their minds going in the right direction!

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