Another Use for Plastic Shopping Bags

October 20, 2008

I’m out of garbage bags. Those white plastic bags, 13 gallon size that fit a kitchen garbage can. In the past, I would have put that on my shopping list, and next trip to the store, picked up a new box.

Now though, I think, do I really need another box of 30 white plastic bags that will sit forever, embalming my trash in a land fill? Well, no, I don’t need NEW plastic bags for that. I still have LOTS of small plastic shopping bags from previous trips to the store. The problem is these are too small to fit my kitchen can. So, what to do?

My garbage bag

My garbage bag

Here I have two bags tied together. They hang halfway down in the can. They fit the sides well and since they are tightly tied together, they do not fall down into the can as they fill up with garbage. Also, when they are full, I tie them off, leave them down in the can and put two fresh bags in place. When the can is full, I put all the bags in the outside can that goes to the road for the garbage truck.

I thought about getting rid of the bags all together, but my garbage service now requires garbage to be bagged. Since I have been more careful about packing and what I throw away, my garbage output is much less than what it used to be. It takes me a week to a week and a half to fill up my two little bags. I normally only take my big can to the road once a month.

When my bags completely run out, I’m not sure what I will use to hold my garbage. I finally started taking my own cloth bags to the store, so I’m on my way to eliminating the plastic I bring home. I’m thinking about using my dog food bags to hold garbage. They are big enough, but tying them off will be a challenge.

What repurposed bags are you using to contain your garbage?


  1. A thought for the dog food garbage bags – maybe you could staple the ends after your bag is filled?

  2. That’s a possibility. I’ll have to see how it works when I finally run out of the plastic bags.

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