The Joy of Pets

October 7, 2008

The news is all gloom and doom and I know most of us are worried about what is going to happen in the days and weeks ahead.  There is plenty of information out there about how to survive the current financial crisis.  I want to tell you a personal way to take your mind off your troubles and shift your focus to happy thoughts.


Pets bring so much joy into your life.  My dog makes me laugh almost every day.  For example, this morning he woke me up at 5am scratching on the back door.  He knew I was asleep, and it was early for him to be scratching.  I cracked open one eye and was immediately blinded by the dazzling bolt of lightenig that burst at that exact moment.  I hopped out of bed and let him in so he would be out of the rain.  When he came in, he gave me a look that said, “Thanks momma, I hate to get wet.” I laughed and told him he was welcome, now go be quiet while momma sleeps another hour.

I enjoy brushing my dog.  Recently, I taught him to let me vacuum him with the hose attachment on the vacuum.  He liked it because it pulls cool air through his fur and I like it because it gets hair off him like nothing else.  If your dog is not skittish, I reccomend trying it.

Pets help lower your heart rate, (unless they just threw up on the carpet), provide compainionship, and love you no matter what.  Pets are not judgemental.  You can were the same outfit for a week and your pet never cares.

My mom came over yesterday and brought her little dog and big dog with her.  We had a nice time watching her dogs and my dog chase each other around in the yard. Bo is almost completely healed from his accident this summer and watching him run on four legs just made my heart soar with happiness.

So, feeling down? Feeling scared?  Don’t know what the future holds?  I say get a pet and bring new joy into your life.

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