Closet Organization

October 6, 2008

Yesterday I organized my bedroom closet.  Now, this was not as hard as it could have been considering I try to keep it in some order most of the time.  Mostly I moved the summer stuff into “deep storage” and pulled the fall/winter stuff to the front.  Here’s some before and after pics.

So here is the top of the closet before pics.  As you can see, everything is just thrown up there.  I doubled my storage of this area by adding those plastic shelves.  They have acutally been very handy.  Here is the after pics.

Now you can see everything is folded.  I have moved shorts and short sleeve teeshirts to the farthest upper shelf (left side) and moved sweaters and long sleeved teeshirts to the center.  Sheets stayed in the right side, but they are stacked better than they were.   All my hanging items stayed the same, I just took all my capri pants down to free up more hanging space.  What you cannot see is that I also bagged up all the clothes I have set aside to donate.  I did have a big pile in the closet floor, but now I have several bags on the closet floor.  It looks neater and I have room to add to my donation.

There are many reasons I keep my closet organized.  1) I know what I have.  I don’t buy a duplicate of a shirt because I forget what I already have.  2) I know that all my clothes fit.  If something does not fit, it is in the give away pile. 3) Less wrinkles.  Nothing is crammed in my closet so my clothes have less wrinkles. 4) What to wear to work.  Since I can see what I have, when I lay out my clothes for work, it is easy to chose an outfit.  As a bonus, I know it will fit when I put it on the next morning.

These are just some of the reasons to keep an organized closet.  Is your closet organized?

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