My Green Education

October 3, 2008

When I heard the topic for the latest APLS Carnival, I started thinking about where I learned what I know about green living, frugal living, and sustainable living. I think all three of those are tightly bound together.

I first learned from my parents and grandparents. They taught me to not waste food, or water, or resources. As an example, my mom bought one two liter of coke a week. If my sister and I drank it up within the first two days, then we just had to do without until she went to the store again. As a child, I hated this policy. But now, I see she taught us how to value what we had, how to make it last, and how to appreciate how sweet and lovely every single glass of coke tasted. We savored it every time we drank that dark carbonated syrupy cola down.

My mom was also a big believer in the clean plate club. If I put it on my plate, I needed to eat it. We could always have seconds if we did not get enough the first time around, but getting to much and wasting it was a huge no-no in my house. I learned portion control and how to know when I was full. I learned to listen to my body and not mindlessly eat.

As an adult, I came to green living by way of frugal practices. When I first set up my household, I could not afford fancy cleaners, only packaged food, or new clothes every month. I learned to make my own all purpose cleaners, cook mostly from scratch, and to love the thrift store and garage sales. My books came from the library or from friends.

Now, almost all my new learning of green trends, green ideas and information about the environment goes beyond my personal choices and habits. I read many blogs and websites for information, I followed every step of the journey of the JUNK, and I write a blog of my own. I think my blog has been the greatest source of my current education. Researching information to post lets me learn about topics I might never have read up on otherwise. I share what I learn through my writing, and for family willing to listen, I tell them about it. There is so much information out there; I cannot wait to see what I learn next.


  1. Isn’t it amazing that our parents and grandparents were all green before this definition of “green” even existed?

  2. It is amazing and I am so thankful for all those good lessons I learned from them.

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