A Green Christmas List

October 2, 2008

I know it is only October but a frugal shopper starts early.  There are lots of  green gifts you can give your family and friends.  Most of these would be great gifts for anyone, but a few will be best for fellow greenies.

For anyone:
Glass or ceramic storage containers.  These are great for storing almost anything and you can customize them to the recipients home.  If this is for work, clear glass containers are usually a hit.  I like the ceramic ones because I have a set of three and the biggest one is where I put all my kitchen scraps before I take them to the compost pile.  The top seals with a rubber gasket and no one can see my old coffee grounds or carrot peels.

Stainless steel freezer containers.  This is great because we all have enough plastic.

Seeds or seedlings.  Depending on your climate and growing season, either of these is a good choice.  If  you give seedlings, try to use planting containers that can go right in the ground.  This gift can be really dressed up with ribbon, a personal note from you about the joys of growing flowers or food, and handwritten planting and care instructions.

Glass or Bamboo Straws. The novelty of these make them a great gift and might inspire the recipient to think about their future plastic straw choices.

A family heirloom. If you are planning to pass something down, go ahead and do it this holiday season.  When they open it, everyone can hear why it is important to you, what the family history of the item is, and why you chose to give it to that person.

Homemade food.  Homemade food usually tastes better than anything store bought and since it will be eaten there is nothing to store and nothing (or very little) to be discarded later.  If you include the recipe, the gift is even better.

For the Hard Core Greenie:
Cloth Napkins.  Most people are very attached to their paper napkins.  You want to encourage change, not force it on anyone. If your friend or family is already on a path of green, sustainable living, cloth napkins are a great gift.

Cloth Wipes.  Same thing here.  Only give this if you feel it will be welcome.  Trying to force someone to give up their TP before they are ready is not a gift.  If you know they will receive it well, then go for it!

Happy giving the green way.


  1. These are some great ideas –i’ve been buying some really cute gifts –clocks made from recycled bicycle parts, fruit bowls, soy candles, and many other UNIQUE green gifts at the place called Fresh Heirlooms –check it out: http://www.freshheirlooms.com

  2. p.s. –they also have classes at their Pittsburgh location, where you can learn to “make your own heirloom”

  3. What a great post! I’m working on my gifts already. I’m making a bunch of hats for the boys in the family, including my dad, brothers, father-in-law and brother-in-law. I’ve already made hats and scarves for all the girls, so this year I might take the plunge and learn to make mittens… but we’ll see how much time I have!

  4. A great, and functional, gift idea for sports fans would be a calendar made from 100% recycled paper and soy-based inks from Asgard Press. Check out the great selection of vintage football calendars at http://www.asgardpress.com.

  5. […] 3, 2008 at 9:43 am (Frugal Suggestions) Tags: shop local I gave you all green ideas for holiday gifts but I wanted to put forth another idea. In the past, I have done the marathon shopping, going to […]

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