Make your Own Cat Litter

October 1, 2008

I don’t have a cat, but I think a lot of you do.  Allie has GREAT instructions for making your own cat litter.  Here’s the link, please check it out so you can spend that money on cat treats instead of litter.

What I love about this is it is one more way to reuse newspapers.  Also, if you make your own litter, that is one more way to cut down on the “miles/cost” of the products you use.  A lot of people are trying to eat locally, but I think that can be extended to consume locally too.

One comment

  1. This is a really really great idea, but I’m not sure if it’s for me. I’m kind of attached to my Fresh Step with super-high-tech odor control and clumping technology. (Also, I’m generally lazy.)

    However, if there’s anyone on the MS gulf coast who happens to be reading this that wants to DO this, I get a newspaper everyday from work, and can give you some papers!

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