Bottle Trees from Australia

September 30, 2008

An alert reader in Australia let me know about living bottle trees, Brachychiton Rupestris, that grow native in Australia.  These were news to me.  After reading the site, I am amazed at this resilient and beautiful plant.  Here is a link to check these out.

Bottle Tree Plantation

One thing I thought was especially interesting was the leaves of this tree develop in five different stages.  They have a picture of all the leaf stages.  This plant will never be boring, with such interesting leaves and that unique trunk shape, it could be the centerpiece of any landscape.

I emailed the owner of Bottle Tree Plantation and it turns out, I cannot have a tree shipped to me.  😦  BUT, I can buy seeds. 🙂  So, if the seeds grow and I get some trees established, I could plant a few in my yard.  When they get big enough, I could hang bottles from the limbs.  I would have a bottle bottle tree!

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