Energy Saving Kit and Giveaway

September 22, 2008

This Saturday, I received an energy kit from my local electric company. Several weeks ago, I filled out an online energy survey and filled in my address so I could get the kit. The kit included two CFL bulbs, two faucet aerators, outlet and light switch gaskets, a filter whistle, a hot water temperature card, and an energy use thermometer gauge.

The filter whistle was the only item I had never heard of. You place it on your central air unit filter and when the filter is 80 percent clogged, the whistle will sound, to let you know it is time to replace the filter. Before, I just changed the filter once a month. I am looking forward to using the whistle because now I will be able to see if I can go longer between filter changes.

I put the aerators on my kitchen faucet and my bathroom faucet because these are used most often. I found out my kitchen faucet is cracked, so I will have to replace that soon. I’ll tell you all about how that goes in another post. Since using the aerators, I can tell the water is coming out slower, but it still comes out fast enough to fill my coffee pot.

All my light sockets already have CFL bulbs so now I just have two extras for when one of my current bulbs burns out.

I tested my hot water and while I thought it was set above 120 degrees, apparently it is set at exactly 120. So, that was a nice surprise to discover.

The energy use thermometer gauge tells you what your current indoor temp is and where you should set your AC or heating for energy savings. I already set my AC at 80 so I am definitely in the saving money camp. When the cold comes, it recommends setting your heat at 68. I am a very cold natured person, so not sure if I will be able to go that low, but I’m going to try.

As for the light switch and outlet gaskets, I cannot use them. My light switches are the wide rocker kind instead of the narrow flip kind. My outlets are odd, I guess all mobile homes have these, and they are definitely different from a traditional house. When I unscrewed the plate and looked at it, I realized the gasket just won’t work. The advantage for you is that now I have six of each to give away. Leave a comment by midnight Friday, September 26th and I will enter you in a drawing for these. Good luck!


  1. That filter whistle sounds like a really great idea! 🙂 I always forget to change the air filter.

  2. Aerators are excellent reduction tools. I taught my 4th grade Junior Girl Scouts about those last year. I had not heard about the filter whistle…what a great idea. I’m terrible about remembering to change my filters! Great post, KB!

  3. The filter whistle and the energy thermometer are both fantastic ideas, especially in homes with more than one central unit where one unit is used considerably more than the other.

  4. Dang, sign me up for a filter whistle. Awesome.

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