Low Impact Living

September 12, 2008

I’m always on the lookout for great resources for green living and energy saving  tips.  Today I checked out lowimpactliving.com and it’s a really great site.

I think what I like best is their calculator to figure your impact.  I’ve seen quizzes like this before, but this one is more in depth than many I have taken before and when the quiz is over, they offer projects you can do to lower your score(impact) even more.

It looks at your geographic location and the kind of home you live in and your baseline is set there.  Then based on your habits, you can discover if you are low, normal, or high impact. For example, I live in a mobile home, but I only cool half of it.  I have energy star appliances, I have all CFL bulbs, and I never water my lawn. So, I scored low impact. 🙂 Starting with a base of 100, I scored 31.  If I plant some shade trees, wrap my hot water heater, as well as the hot water heater pipes and make a few other changes, I can get it even lower.

This is a large site that offers a blog, environmental products, resources and information.  I think they are well worth checking out.

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