Biodiesel in Mississippi

September 10, 2008

Biodiesel fuels continue to grow in popularity and usefulness.  Biodiesel is fuel made from new and used vegetable oils. Corn, rice hulls, and soybeans can be grown for biodiesel. Old cooking oil can be recycled into biodiesel.  The side effect is then a vehicle’s exhaust smells like whatever was cooked in the grease. Instead of exhaust fumes, a truck or mower leaves behind the tasty smell of french fries.

Recently, the University of Mississippi started using biodiesel in one of their industrial lawnmowers.  Because of the success, two weeks ago they switched to using the fuel in all their mowers.  They get 45 minutes longer cutting time, the emissions are cleaner, their engines are running cleaner, and they expect to get a measurable increase in engine life.

Here’s a video of one of the mowers.

Mississippi State University used biodiesel in a modified Chevrolet Equinox during the Challenge X. Challenge X is a multi-year challenge to modify an Equinox to get more miles per gallon while not giving up any comfort or performance. MSU won the contest, managing to squeeze the most efficiency from the fuel without losing any performance from the vehicle.

One problem with using biofuel is if you make the switch, then where do you go to get more?  Meridain MS is working to solve that problem with a filling station that offeres biodiesel.

Is biodiesel the answer to the oil problem?  I don’t think it is the whole answer, I think it is part of the answer.  I think products that lesson our use of, and dependance on oil is a good thing.


  1. Great example of where to also use Biodiesel… great job !
    Have you considered a portable Biodiesel station… just a thought. Ive seen customers in the past use a stationary filling station as well a re-fuelling unit, all in one.

    Anyway, keep up the good work…
    Beyond Tanks

  2. I really do love that Mississippi colleges are doing this. But it will be an even bigger move when lawns are done away with altogether (creeping thyme and other treadable plants, myriad groundcovers, vegetable gardens, tall grasses, native plants) and mowers simply aren’t necessary anymore.

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