New (to me) Bookcase

September 8, 2008

This weekend I decided to move one of my bookcases from my library to my living room.  This is your standard, self assemble brown bookcase that you get from the big box store.  I have had this bookcase for years, and it has served well.

When I got it in the living room, I realized it was too dark.  What I really wanted was a white bookcase in the living room.  Now, I could have gone out and bought a white one, but that seemed extreme.  So, I just happened to have primer and paint on hand, so I painted it.

I laid a plastic drop cloth out in the middle of my living room, then I carefully laid the bookcase down on it. It took too good coats of the primer to cover the dark color, plus the wood is glossy, so the primer didn’t really want to stick.  That took most of Saturday.

Sunday, I moved on to painting.  The paint went on great since I had been very careful to be liberal with the primer.  The white is a white Satin paint I had left over from when I painted my bathroom cabinets.  When it was dry, I stood it up, put in the shelves, and then added the books.  It looks so fantastic.  I’m so happy with how it turned out.

I decided that the bottom shelf did not need books there.  Instead, I have a huge glass planter that I am filling with marbles.  Inside of that, I am nestling a small pot that has a beautiful aloe growing in it.  The marbles will completely hide the smaller pot and it will look like I have aloe planted in marbles.   I just have to finish that up this week, and the whole project will be done.

I am so proud because the only thing I bought for this project was one small can of primer when I used up what I already had.  The brushes, rollers, drop cloth, (gallon of ) primer, paint, bookcase, planter, pot, and plant are all items I already had on hand.  I will most likely have to buy a few bags of marbles to finish up my planter, but that’s it.

I’m working on borrowing a digital camera so I can get you pictures of the bookcase and planter.  I know you will be inspired to decorate, paint, or move something in your house when you see how lovely the finished product can be.

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