Recipe, Not So Good

September 4, 2008

Last night I made an old standby, shells and cheese with ground turkey.  I have made this many times and basically you just add browned ground turkey (or beef) to cooked shells and cheese.  Well, I decided to improve the veggie content by adding in shredded carrots.  Ugh.

This was not the happy flavor combo I was hoping for.  I seasoned the dish before I mixed the meat with the shells and cheese.  It was not enough.  Th whole thing tasted bland and I had to sprinkle on lemon pepper to give it flavor.

Next time, I will add black beans, or English peas.  I usually cook some onion with the meat, but I didn’t this time.  The house was completely onion free.  I will be sure I have onion on hand next time as well.

The thing with cooking is it is always an experiment, and each dish is a chance to improve on the last.  Unfortunately, this time was not an improvement.  What’s your best meal?  What’s your most memorable failure?

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