Pressure Cooking

August 13, 2008

You all know my crock pot love. I have mentioned several times how I love to just put the food in and forget about it. I love the low energy usage, my cool kitchen, and easy clean up. I thought the crock pot was the pinnacle of food preparation for me. While the crock-pot is still the champ, the more I learn about pressure cookers, the more intrigued I become.

I have known about pressure cookers for a while. My mom has one in which she makes a total of two recipes. Yes, two. She makes chicken and dumplings, and meat and potatoes. The meat and potato dish is eaten over biscuits, and I have to say, is one of my favorite meals. That’s the extent of my current exposure to a pressure cooking, so I had not really thought about the possibilities.

I received two crock-pots as gifts quite some time ago, but no one had ever given me a pressure cooker. I think that’s the main reason I have not tried it before now. Also, for a long time, I was a convenience food person, and cooked or heated up what came out of a box or can. Now, I am trying to actually cook some food and the pressure cooker presents a lot of interesting opportunities. A pressure cooker cuts cooking time down, uses minimal water and energy, does not heat the kitchen, and any food prepared in a pressure cooker keeps more of its nutrients.

Food cooked in a pressure cooker is done in half or one third the time of food cooked in a conventional oven. I eat a lot of rice and beans and these are ideal for cooking in a pressure cooker. Researching recipes and information, I came across Miss Vickie’s website. There is a plethora of information here. If you have a question about pressure cooking, and I have many, this is a great place to find an answer.

My next challenge of course is to decide what type of pressure cooker to buy. Before I do, I plan to borrow my mom’s and make several dishes. I want to make sure I know how to cook with one before I purchase a brand new one. I think my first dish will be my mom’s meat and potatoes, since it will be easy to get the recipe, and I already know I like the dish.

One comment

  1. I teach pressure cookiing. I highly recommend that you get a stovetop stainless steel, spring-valve pressure cooker. This does not have a jiggler on top and it doesn’t hiss or make much noise. It’s not scary and they work great to cook al kinds of foods.
    I don’t have a website like Miss Vickie but I do have a website and DVD about pressure cooking at http://www.pressurecookingonline.com or you can read my blog about it at http://www.pressurecooking.blogspot.com.
    I don’t use a crock pot but use my pressure cooker all the time — the food is fast and tastes great.
    Good luck on your purchase.

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