Quality over Quantity

August 4, 2008

I know my last post was about buying nothing, so am I a flip-flopper?  No.  Bear with me and I will explain.

When you do need to buy something, think about what you are buying and why you are buying it. Do you really need it, or is it cheap, or cute, or on sale, or I-had-a-crappy-day-and-I-deserve it purchase?  Before you even pick the item up, look at your reason.  If the purchase is emotionally driven, it is a want not a need, so right there, you have incentive to NOT buy it.

Before you make ANY purchase, you need to ask yourself some questions.

  • Do I need this, or do I want this?
  • Do I already have something like this at home?
  • Do I have somewhere to store this item?
  • If I do get this, am I ready to maintain it for the life of the item?
  • Do I really want this, or would I rather keep the money that this item costs?

Let’s say you have gone through the questions and you have a real need.  As an example, you have upgraded your job, and so need to upgrade your wardrobe to reflect your more professional occupation.  Now, is it better to buy a lot of cheap outfits or one or two high quality outfits?  It is better to go with high quality.  Clothes that are well made, durable, classic, and look great on you are always a better choice than something poorly made that will fall apart within a few washings.

Another benefit to buying less items but higher quality–space.  Every single thing you buy, you have to store.  When you bring a new item into your home, it has to go somewhere.  Do you really want to find the closet space for 10 shirts and five new pair of pants?  If you bought one good pantsuit, you can fit it in your closet, wear it several different ways, and know that you look good every single time you put part or all of it on.

This rule holds for anything you might purchase.  A good coffee maker that will last a decade is better than one that will short out in a year.  A reliable, easy to maintain lawn mower is a much better investment than the cheapest available that will not last two summers.

Think before you buy, only buy what you need, and buy quality over quantity.

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