Challenge-Buy Nothing Month August

August 1, 2008

I signed up for Crunchy Chicken‘s August challenge, Buy Nothing in August. Here are the rules, shamelessly copied from her site:

  • No new clothes
  • No new gadgets
  • No new furniture or housewares
  • No salon services (except haircuts)
  • No new makeup
  • No new tools
  • No whatever the hell else people buy
  • No eating out (yes, this one is new!)

Basicly, nothing new. If you have to have something in August, you need to get it used, barter for it or do without. The advantages of this challenge are YOU WILL SAVE MONEY. Think of all the crap you buy on monthly basis. Do you really need it? This challenge is designed to make you THINK about everything you buy, BEFORE you buy it. (I am loving the all caps key today.)

At the start of the summer, my central air finally, completely, all the way died. Since I live in a southern state, where some days we drink the air instead of breath it, I must have air conditioning. Did I mention my home is in the middle of a field with no shade trees? A problem I’m working on, but for now, no cooling shade. Point being, I got a loan to pay for AC repair and thus am on a buy nothing month every month until I pay back the loan.

So, this should be a relatively easy challenge. I think the hardest part will be no eating out, and for me, no new book purchases. Books are my downfall, my shopping vice. You can buy used on this challenge, so if you read my paperback books post, most of those options are still on the table. I am so glad I already have a freezer of yummy summer things to eat, and I really have plenty of everything else too. I am glad to have the challenge because it will help me FOCUS on where my money is going. I will be better able to resist buying, well, anything. And that is good.

If you were taking the challenge, what would be the hardest item for you to resist buying?

Buy Nothing Challenge - August 2008

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  1. […] good idea where my money goes, but this will be a good challenge.  Of course, since I am doing the Buy Nothing Challenge for August, I should not have too many […]

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