Reusable Water Bottles

July 31, 2008

Currently, I am reusing a glass bottle for my work water bottle.  It sits on my desk and I refill it from the water fountain as needed.  For those concerned about germs, yes I wash it at night when I leave, and it is ready to go the next day. I like this bottle because it holds 17.5 fl oz, and it has a metal cap.  The label is paper.  There is no plastic connected to this bottle and that makes me happy.

In September, I will be going back out on the road with my job.  We travel all over the state from September to May.  My dilemma is that I do not want to carry a glass bottle.  I could carry one of the plastic bottles I have washed out to reuse, but I want a better solution.

Two options I have found are the Kleen Kanteen and the Ecowaterbottle.   Both are stainless steel bottles.  They will not leach toxins into my water, they are reusable, recyclable, and won’t shatter if I drop them onto concrete.  The Kleen Kanteen comes with a plastic cap, but you do have three choices of what shape cap you want.  There are also several size options.  The Ecowaterbottle also has a plastic cap, but only in one shape, and one size bottle.  Both companies are in California, so neither has an advantage in shipping miles.

The prices are close so either seems a reasonable choice.  One reason I am leaning toward Ecowaterbottle is they are a sponsor of JUNK, a ship sailing from California to Hawaii to raise awareness of the plastic problem in the oceans.  I am still debating and as long as I order one some time in August, I am sure I will have a nice durable bottle for traveling starting in September.

Do you reuse your water bottle?  Have you bought, or would you buy a stainless steel water bottle?

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