Why Hemp is Better

July 28, 2008

Years ago I gave a speech to my college classmates about the benefits of hemp. There was a lot of snickering, and some of them thought it was a veiled speech about the benefits of pot.  Not so.  A lot of people think that hemp is synonymous with marijuana. While they are related plants, hemp contains no THC and hemp can be used to make thousands of useful products. Hemp and marijuana cannot be grown together, because if you try, you get useless marijuana.

Hemp has been harvested and used by mankind for thousands of years in most parts of the world.  It makes a  better cloth than cotton, and better paper than wood pulp.  It is naturally pest free and uses little water to grow.

Here is a video giving you some history on hemp, and showing a few of the ways it is being used today.

For more information, check out Allie’s Answers post, What’s so Great about Hemp?

For even more information, look at Vote Hemp.

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