Free Trees and Plants

July 25, 2008

I just found this and knew I had to share.  How would you like to landscape with FREE plants?  Check out Free Trees and Plants.

According to their site, every year millions of high-qualtiy plants go unsold and are destroyed.  In order to stop this waste, you can pick out trees, bulbs, shrubs, or perrineals for FREE and all you pay is a shipping and handling fee.  As someone who has priced trees before, this is a GREAT deal.  I picked out two laurelleaf willow trees, two blue globe thistle plants, and two blue hosta plants.  For these, each set of two is counted as one unit, so it’s only 7.95 for each unit.  I am here to tell you there is NO WAY to get trees for that price at any nursery I have been too.  Not to say it cannot be done, but I have never found such a deal.

I have wanted to plant some trees for a while, and I already know hosta does well in my landscape.  I am so excited to add some new plants to my landscape.  I know I will put a flower bed around each tree, which will cut down on the amount of grass I have to cut.  Whoo hoo.

If you could get free plants, what would your dream planting be?

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