Composting as Slowly As Possible

July 17, 2008

Composting is big these days.  Or well, it seems so to me because I do it and I read a lot of blogs from other ‘greenies” who are doing it.

Anyway, there are loads of ways to compost.  There are many composting bins you can purchase, or if you are handy, make yourself.  These work by completely enclosing the organic material you wish to turn into rich dirt. Some, are tumblers that you, well, tumble to mix the decomposing matter.

Others are upright systems.  These you put fresh grass or vegetable food waste or scraps into the top and as the layers break down, they move down the system and at the bottom, you end up with rich, dark compost.

There is another way, which is the way I do it.  I built a frame from leftover ‘dog pen wire’ (that’s my technical term for it). It stands in a mostly circular manner, upright behind the storage shed at my house.  I just dump all my vegetable, fruit, grass clippings, and leftover pine straw onto the pile.  I turn it when I think about it.  It is heated by the sun and watered by the rain.  Currently, it is aerated by ants, not fire ants, instead I have little harmless black ants. This method is not going to give me great compost in a matter of weeks.  However, it will eventually, which is good enough for me.

The best part of my compost is how little I send to the landfill.  Since I burn all my paper garbage, and now I compost all my green kitchen garbage, there is very little I send to the landfill.  In fact, I usually only take my can out to the road for pick up every other week.

What’s your favorite part of composting?

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