The Evils of Plastic, Water Edition

July 15, 2008

There is a LOT of information in the news these days about how harmful and dangerous plastic is to human health.  Check out, Polymers Are Forever and Plastic Ocean.

The problem can seem overwhelming, the more you learn.  I am working towards improving my health on all levels, and part of that is trying to reduce the amount of plastic I use, as well as, the amount of new plastic I purchase.  These are small steps, but I think it is important that I am making them, rather than just ignoring the issue.  I am no where near the level of Beth Terry, aka Fake Plastic Fish, but I am thankful she gives such good information on how to reduce consumption.  She also offers loads of alternatives to plastic.

One step I have taken is my work water bottle.  I have a glass bottle with a metal screw top lid.  It started life as a bottle of apple juice that I bought.  When the juice was gone, I kept the bottle and now I refill it with tap water from the water fountain at my work.  I have saved about three dollars a day doing this, because that’s how often I fill it.  That’s at least three disposable bottles a day that I am not consuming.

At home, I have a filtered pitcher to filter out the chlorine from my water. I drink that water out of my glasses, and I use it in my coffee maker.  I don’t buy bottled water for home use.  My tap water is well water, not city water.  I live too far out in the county to be on a city system.

I will be going back on the road with my job in September.  One option I am looking into is a Kleen Kanteen.  Ms. Terry recommends this product.  The advantage is it almost plastic free, it is easily refillable, and I will ALWAYS know which water container is mine.  Also, if I drop it, it will not shatter.  Potential shattering is why I do not want to take a glass bottle with me.

What’s one change you have made to reduce plastic use in your life?

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