Loads of Lettuce

June 2, 2008

I mentioned before that I started some lettuce in a hanging basket. It has come up wonderfully.


It is crowding the basket, so I thinned it down and planted nine of the strongest plants in my raised bed. I did have cucumber planted here, but an armadillo ate it. So, I bought chicken wire and put that over the plants hopefully to deter any intrepid armored mammalians.

The lettuce looks a little puny right now, but I hope once it soaks up some water, it will perk right up. Also, I expect my plants in the basket to grow bigger now that they have a little more space and less competition for nutrients.

My other plants are also doing very well. Here is my outside dill.


I don’t know what this is. It doesn’t die. I thought it was dead and threw it “away” twice and it came back. This year I broke the roots apart making four different plants. It is by far the most hardy plant I have ever had.

My flowers are doing ok, my ivy is growing beautifully and my inside dill gets bigger every day. Maybe this year, I will have some gardening success. I certainly hope so.

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