Forced to Save

May 23, 2008

I heard a very interesting report on public radio this morning.  Juneau Alaska is very short on power because an avalanche cut them off from a hydroelectric dam.  Everyone is working together to save.

“Turn off, turn down, unplug,” said Sarah Lewis, chairwoman of the Juneau Commission on Sustainability. “That’s what everyone is doing and being vigilant about and commenting when others are not.

Everyone is working to conserve as much energy as possible b/c they are relying on generators to get by.  The thought is that perhaps they will continue their energy saving ways when their connection to the dam is restored.  I think what they are doing could be a model for other towns and cities in the lower 48.

Hurricane season starts soon and my state could get smacked.  When the power is out, what will I absolutely want to run on generator power?  What can I live without?  I have thought off and on about that question ever since August of ’05.   I know I want to keep my fridge and freezer going.  I can live without A/C or lights.  I can rig a solar shower (yeah for camp skills!) and I can cook on the grill or over a fire.

That’s an emergency situation though.  As for right now, could I reduce my energy usage even more than I do now?  I plan to see what appliances I use and when I use them to see if I could cut back more.

What are you doing, or have you done to reduce your energy usage?

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