May 21, 2008

Monday I cut the grass in my back yard.  As I was making my first cut, I saw a snakeskin next to where I park.  It was at least four feet long, but I could not tell what kind of snake it was from as the skin was already somewhat dried out and flaking apart.  Part of the last of it was all bunched up, like you bunch up a sock when you take it off.  So, I think the snake was in fact longer.  I was so glad I only found the skin.

I have noticed a lot of little scratchings in my yard and all around my house.  I think these are from a possum.  Fortunately, I am not in the running for yard of the month, so it does not bother me that my yard is now decorated with all these very small bare spots.  My thought is, as long as it (possum, rabbit, or coon) is digging here, and not in my garden, that is fine with me.

I’m surprised my dog has not killed whatever creature this is, but so far, it has evaded his mighty hunting skills.  Or maybe, he’s a lazy dog.

On my way into work yesterday, I saw a hawk swooping down and chasing a squirrel.  The squirrel was darting hither and yon, and I had to turn a corner, but I think the hawk did not go hungry.

On the way to work today,  bird committed birdicide by flinging itself into my windshield.  I guess the horrors of this world were just to much for it.  Poor bird, at least it was quick.

When I get home today, my plan is to cut the front yard.  I hope the snake has moved on.

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