Gardening Happiness

May 5, 2008

I finally got around to planting something in my raised bed.

Sunday I got dirt and plants from my local big box store.  I got two kinds of tomato, two cucumber plants (same variety), a flat leaf parsley, and a yellow bell pepper.   I also got dill and rosemary seeds, and lettuce seeds.  The lettuce I planted in a hanging basket.  I hope when it comes up, I will eventually be able to just go out on my porch, snip enough for a nightly salad and enjoy.

My mom looked at my raised bed and my plants and immediately recommended a covering of chicken wire to keep the rabbits out.  So, that may be my next project.  She also said I need to look at some poison to kill cutworms or I will lose my tomatoes.  Sigh.  I’m going to research a more natural method of pest control first.  This is my first attempt at gardening for myself, and I really hope to have it be as natural as possible all along the way.

I found a resource that showed how to use cardboard toilet paper tubes as a vessel for seed starting instead of peat pots.  I did that for my dill and rosemary seeds.  I have seeds left, and luckily I know I will have more tubes available.  I’m so happy I am recycling one more thing and not just tossing it into the landfill.

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