A clothesline

April 27, 2008

Growing up, we had a clothesline. All my cousins and friends had one. In fact, I really liked the one my cousins had, because it was in fact three lines close together. When all the clothes and linens were hung, you could walk between the sheets. They were damp and cool and it was a great way to briefly cool off while we were playing outside.

When I moved into my home, I always intended to put up a line, but somehow, I never got around to it. I knew using a clothesline to dry my clothes would cut down on my electric bill, but I never worked out the numbers. I have made the transition to line drying for a while though. I have been using my drying rack for several years, and I use my porch rail for my heavy clothes that won’t blow away. I think finally the time has come to put up a clothesline.

So today, I finally put up a line. 🙂 It is so wonderful. I got the poles from my parents and I borrowed post hole diggers from my Dad. I dug both the holes myself, but I had to have a friend come over to help me set the last pole. It was so heavy. Here it is:

Here’s a closeup of the poles:

So now, as soon as it quits raining, I’ll hang out my first load of clothes. Next project, what to do with my obsolete dryer?


  1. […] Katie posted a picture of her clothesline too.  If you have, let me know and I’ll add your link to this post. […]

  2. Great picture!

    Mind putting a link to The Clothes Peg, please? It’ll help keep track of posts relating to laundry lines.

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