Sunny Sunday

April 14, 2008

I woke up early Sunday and took full advantage of the pretty sunshine and cool temps.  I found an electric weed-eater in my shed and it still worked.  I also found two long extension cords and weed-eater string, so I was all set.  I “ate” the grass all around my trailer, the parking area, and the shed.

After that, I planned to mow, but the battery on the mower died. Oh well.

Instead, I framed out a raised bed.  I have these old concrete blocks that are left over from when my grandparents built their barn decades ago. They are not  what you normally think of when you think of a concrete block.  They are pale in color and smooth and shaped somewhat differently.  I had plenty of black plastic left over from when I had a decorative fish pond.  So, I put that down as a weed blocker. This week, or weekend, I will get dirt and plants!

I scouted out a new site in the side yard where I will be getting pine straw to mulch my plants after I plant them.

I made a compost bin too.  That was super easy.  I had dog wire left over from when I (with much help) built a dog pen.  So, I just made a big circle, wired it together and set it where I want the compost to be.

I know I will plant one tomato plant, and some herbs, but not sure what else.  If it was your personal garden, what veggie would you plant?

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  1. […] Since this is also a blog about living a green life, eliminating TV from my life saves electricity from all the hours it is not on. I have time to read, to cook, to garden, to email or call friends and family.  I go for walks in the woods behind my house, and I build things. […]

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