A Stumble

April 13, 2008

I have spent.

Yesterday I went to an Allotte make-up/skincare party.   I bought the anti-aging skin care package.


Every fall is a chance to learn and I did learn a lot.  I learned I should not go to these parties.  I learned I am most persuaded by a personal presentation, and by what my friends or family are doing. The hostess, (a friend of mine) has been using the products for two weeks and she “loves them”.  My sister bought the same kit that I did.

What put me over the edge though was the saleslady.  She had her presentation down to an informative comedy routine.  She was pretty, sincere and self deprecating.  Her sales pitch was full of personal examples, and each one was hysterical.  I am a total sucker for comedy, and this woman was my favorite kind of funny.  She had great delivery, great timing, and I was a total goner.

My sister booked a party.  I am not going.

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