Buy Nothing Month Continues

April 10, 2008

So far, somewhat good since I signed up to participate in the challenge.  I brought my lunch to work today, instead of buying something I might not eat all off.  I did not have to drive for lunch either.  This is good b/c my gas light is on, and I will have to buy gas before I head for home.  Gas is a necessity, thus not part of the challenge.

I do have one confession.  This week, I bought a new pair of shoes for work.  My job requires a lot of standing, assembling and taking down of an exhibit, and driving a big truck.  Therefore, I need sneakers that support my feet, are lightweight and are just all around good stable, comfortable shoes.  I found a pair of Dr Scholls shoes on sale. I did think about the compact, but I also thought about how worn out my current shoes are and how I might not find this low a price again.  So, I did buy them.

I wanted to buy a new book or a magazine, but have successfully resisted such a purchase so far. I think I will do ok for the rest of the month.  The benefits of the challenge so far are how much more aware I am of what I want to buy, and how little I need most of it.

One result is going to be money savings for sure.

One comment

  1. Books and comics would be the hardest for me. Being a cartoonist they are a necessity for research… yeah….research

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